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With our Preferred Partner program, we reach out to our existing network of 200 odd aggregators to help overcome challenges of procurement, process and capital. We ensure that the partnership benefits everyone in the supply chain including small traders and informal collectors. How do we ensure this? Our program is a robust one whose salient features take into account this complex challenge.



Our Material Recovery Facilities program is our bid to create a larger scale of impact that directly affects the urban spaces we occupy. Geared towards enhancing collection, our facility leads to reduced landfilling and ocean waste streams. We envisage a hub and spoke model wherein these MRF’s act as nodes and collection points in their catchment area. At present, we are engaged in full scale with a couple of municipal wards in Mumbai.

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We refurbish the existing structure as required, redesign the existing layout for optimal and efficient operations, ensure safety protocol, install CCTV cameras, provide uniforms and adequate personal protective equipment.


We provide all staff regular health check-ups, workshops on best practices, introductory training programs, opportunities to upskill themselves, and registrations to applicable government programs for medical support, insurance and pension.


We ensure implementation of Ethical Trading Initiative’ Certification by Control Union, registration with the local municipality and statutory bodies, adherence to all govt. legislations, and independent audit to monitor compliance.


We will provide a proprietary mobile application to capturing information on Source of material, Inward quantity, Outward quantity, and Type of plastic, to ensure transparent and traceable circular plastic economy.

Working Capital

We finance daily operations & equipment upgrades to improve efficiency, implement digital payment modes, provide accountancy support, and publish pricing across the value chain to prevent any exploitation.

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Get in touch to become a Preferred Partner franchisee, or to start an MRF.
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