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Our zero-landfill recycling process transforms the whole bottle —right from the body to the label to the cap— into quality outputs.
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rPET flakes

We recycle plastic bottles into rPET flakes, which can be used for a range of purposes, including packaging, fashion apparel, yarn, strapping, film, resin and much more.

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rPET Granules

rPET granules are the afterlife of rPET flakes. According to our customer’s specifications, we produce granules from flakes that are turned into filaments and nonwoven fibres, sheet, strapping and, most prominently, into bottles again.

Polyolefin granules

Polyolefin granules are a little bit different as they are sourced from the label and other parts of the bottle. Customers come to us with specifications and we customise granules to suit their preferences, maintaining the highest quality standards. With Polyolefin granules, we complete the cycle of treating and repurposing a single bottle end to end.

From corporates, to packaging businesses, to fashion designers.

We uphold the highest standards and are experts at what we do. We also believe in the power of collaborations. And we want to create a circular plastic economy that enriches the lives of all our stakeholders. Collaborate with us, and let's pave the way for a more thoughtful future. 

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Looking for high quality plastic recylates? Get in touch.
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