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To create real impact, we must begin with creating solutions in our cities.

Our Material Recovery Facilities program is our bid to create a larger scale of impact that directly affects the urban spaces we occupy. Geared towards enhancing collection, our facility leads to reduced landfilling and ocean waste streams.


Our Centres process (segregate and sort) the dry waste (paper, glass, metal, plastic, etc.) from the catchment areas and further send the processed waste for recycling. We envisage a hub and spoke model wherein these MRF’s act as nodes and collection points in their catchment area. At present, Dalmia Polypro manages 2 MRFs but plans to expand to 12 in the state of Maharashtra, India by the end of 2021.

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We design an efficient layout for optimal use to handle a variety of dry waste streams and equip it with the necessary sorting technology. We also ensure that all health and safety protocols are met.


We conduct regular workshops on best sorting and waste identification practices for our team, along with opportunities to upskill themselves. We also run awareness campaigns in the catchment area on best practices for waste segregation and handling.


Our activities ensure compliance with the local municipality and statutory bodies. We conduct independent audits to monitor adherence.


We will provide a proprietary traceability solution on source of material, quantities and quality parameters to ensure a transparent and traceable circular plastic economy.

Recycler Integration

We finance daily operations & equipment upgrades to improve efficiency, implement digital payment modes, provide accountancy support, and publish pricing across the value chain to prevent any exploitation.

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Get in touch to partner on a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).
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