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At Dalmia, we support the plastic circular economy to help solve India's plastic waste management problem.
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Environmental Impact

Our zero-landfill process sees all elements of the PET bottle recycled, including the label, cap and ring. We have diverted more than 120,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste from landfills over 15 years, the equivalent of more than 2,600 humpback whales.

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Community Livelihood

We employ 200 people, work with 70 aggregators who are micro-entrepreneurs in local community and indirectly support the livelihoods of more than 20,000 informal sector workers at the bottom of the pyramid each day.

We started in 2006. Back then, the conversation about plastic waste hadn’t even begun.

Back then, India’s consumption of plastic was a mere fraction of those of developed and developing countries. Right now, India generates about 277 million metric tons of plastic annually. 


We knew that we were at the cusp of rapid change in the way we consumed plastic. We kept our goals simple at the time, we wanted to understand the nature of waste in India, we wanted to understand the ecosystem around it, and we wanted to create a quality product for our customers.


Over time, we have not only become experts in repurposing the unique nature of recycled polymers in India, we have also begun to understand the complex trail a plastic bottle charts out. From the waste pickers, to the kabadiwallahs, to the traders, we envisioned a robust economy around plastic. All while providing a quality product as well as sparking real change. 

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Discovered opportunity to recycle plastic waste


Setup and commissioned our 1st PET Sorting and Washing Facility in Vapi


Commissioned our 2nd PET Sorting and Washing Facility in Vapi


Expanded recycling capabilities to include Polyolefin’s


Scaled PET Sorting and Washing Facility in Vapi to 18,000MT


Launched EPR compliance arm for catering to brand owners, bulk consumers and generators


Invested to strengthen supply chain for plastic waste by rolling out dry waste centers 


Welcomed Circulate Capital as an investor sharing in our ever expanding vision

A Long Career of Traceable Impact

We’re a family business and we started at a time where nobody was really talking about plastic. We knew what was on the horizon and we did everything to create the best product in the market! Years of research and foresight have gone into the story you see today.

Aditya Dalmia

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We want to really breathe new life into plastic by ensuring a robust, circular and sustainable economy around it. To make sure this happens, we want to benefit everyone in the chain. True impact heads right to the source, our communities.

Pratik Dalmia

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Strengthening the plastic circular economy

At the outset, we must recognise and commend the outstanding work carried out by informal collectors across the country; for whom this is a subsistence activity. Their unflinching efforts help ensure that despite a vast and diverse geographic area, most recyclable waste streams are recovered and prevented from landfilling. While their efforts are admirable, the value chain lacks transparency, traceability and accountability

We run two programs that will help streamline our value chain, enhance transparency, traceability and accountability to benefit all stakeholders in the circular economy, emerge as a benchmark in the sector, and enhance the livelihoods of those at the bottom of the pyramid.

275 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated each year around the world.

Between 4.8 million and 12.7 million tonnes is dumped into the sea. We don’t want this to just be an alarmist statistic. We want to do something about it.

Environment Pollution
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