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We can help you stay accountable for the after-life of your plastic products. 

Faced with increasing plastic pollution and a fragmented waste management industry that is unable to effectively manage it, the Indian government has introduced policies that hold producers accountable for their products after consumer use. Plastic producers, importers and brand-owners are now held responsible for the treatment, recycling, reuse or disposal of plastics after a consumer has disposed of them. With Dalmia’s experience, capacity, and expertise, makes us well-equipped to handle the requirements of the nation's largest producers. Work with us, let us put our best foot forward to clean up the environment and reduce our carbon footprint in the process.

We can help you with the following:
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We help you comply with government regulations and we are up to date with the latest requirements and policy changes. 

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Collection & Recycling

With our experience and resources, we are one of the few companies equipped to help you with collection and recycling. 

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Closing the Loop

Most importantly, we encourage producers to introduce recycled plastic in their primary packaging with our high-quality product. 

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