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What is rPET Plastic and Why Do We Use It?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a plastic material. It is prepared from polymer chains used to create a variety of food containers. The rPET Plastic is recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Producers reprocess this material to create new objects, such as packaging materials, food containers, beverage bottles, stuffing for pillows, and polyester clothing.

Most producers obtain rPET by recycling used plastic bottles. If processed efficiently, that recycled material can be used to produce new bottles and containers for edible items. rPET plastic has created a circular economy for plastic waste management by reducing dependency on plastic-producing materials extracted from the earth.

Why Should You Use rPET?

rPET plastic supports the growth of the recycling industry. Many companies are sourcing rPET to produce plastic products. Recycled plastic saves resources, energy, and prevents environmental pollution.

Polyethylene terephthalate is a highly recyclable material, but we cannot always recycle it back into its original form. It is tough to clean used food-grade plastic material and pass it for producing containers for edible products.

If a manufacturer recycles colored PET material, it is less likely to be used for making new food-grade products. Manufacturers will recycle clear plastic containers and bottles to produce recycled material for food and beverage storage.

Companies use rPET to make a variety of household and wearable products. This material is also useful for making sports and electronic accessories. One should start using products made from rPET for the following reasons:

  • You will support the growth of the recycling industry. Increased adoption of rPET products creates demand for more recycled products. It will lead to the reduction of plastic waste being dumped in landfills and oceans.

  • You will promote companies following sustainable practices. It will encourage many other manufacturers to reduce dependence on PET. Demands for used plastic will increase and the environment will get cleaner.

  • Demands to extract virgin materials can reduce if you choose rPET products. It will essentially reduce energy consumption and pollution caused by PET producers.

  • Products made of PET material do not decompose within a few years. That material pollutes the land and water sources. People have been dumping plastic waste in landfills for many decades. Since rPET is cheaper and readily available, more plastic product manufacturers will use it to produce new products.

What is RPET

Are Products Made of rPET Safe?

Companies around the world use rPET to produce plastic containers for edible products. It prevents food contamination and it never corrodes. rPET is also used for making medical and research equipment. It is safe and much better than PET when it comes to reducing carbon footprints.

Thousands of people have switched to rPET products. They use bottles, wearables, and food containers made of rPET regularly. It does not pose any health risks and therefore it is safe.

Final thoughts

rPET has emerged as the best solution for the plastic waste issue. More people need to use products made of recycled plastic to prevent the spread of plastic waste and consequent plastic pollution that is at an all-time rise around cities. Producers are refining plastic recycling methods to make rPET available in large quantities. It is a great attempt to reduce environmental pollution and provide an eco-friendly alternative to PET.

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