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Travel Apps
Our app reflects our commitment to more transparency and a much needed digital intervention in our process. 
  • End to end tracking 

  • Intuitive design 

  • Secured by blockchain 

  • Single integrated solution 

We want to bring our stakeholders into our processes in a completely transparent manner. Our app wants to get you in on our journey, end to end. 

Smart Phone Outline
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Want information on rPET flakes, rPET granules and polyolefin granules?
To benefit the entire plastic value chain.

With traceability, we further our dream of hitting every link in the chain right upto the last mile. Traceability technology to ensure feedstock assurance, tracking plastic waste from source through the supply chain from end-to-end. It also enables us to achieve a higher value for the plastic waste collected and recycled, benefiting the entire waste management value chain.

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