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Redefining Waste for a Better Future

Dalmia produces high quality recyclates from local PET and polyolefin waste for reuse, helping to solve India’s plastic waste problem and to advance the circular economy.

For the last 15 years, Dalmia has been a critical part of the reincarnation of plastic in India by maximising the value of PET and Polyolefin plastic waste. We are the largest PET recyclers in the nation.  PET plastic, most commonly in the form of plastic bottles, accounts for over 10% of plastic waste in India. Although 90% of this is collected and recycled, it is channelled towards traditional applications, resulting in low levels of circularity. By moving beyond these practices of downcycling PET and through the adoption of technology, Dalmia produces high quality recycled PET (rPET) as well as Polyolefin flakes and granules serving industries across fashion and packaging. We are also well positioned to lead the way in developing food-grade applications. This achieves maximum value for the plastic waste collected, fostering plastic circularity and benefiting the entire value chain.




We are passionate about building a sustainable plastic waste management value chain to benefit people, businesses and the environment.

Over time, we have not only become experts in repurposing the unique nature of virgin polymers in India, we have also begun to understand the complex trail a plastic bottle charts out, from the waste pickers to the kabadiwallahs. We believe in building a robust economy around plastic— all while providing the highest quality products.

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Forming stronger relationships with our team on the ground is integral to our work. Our waste collectors, aggregators and processors receive fair wages with benefits and incentives. Our impact begins with building stability at the local municipal level.

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 We redefine waste by making sure our products meet the highest quality & sustainability standards of the market. This is both the result of our technological capabilities and our years of research to develop a standardised product. 

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We manage India's waste management problem by diverting waste streams directed to landfills and water bodies, and creating sustainable recycled materials. The UN SDGs are encoded in our process from waste collection to manufacture. 


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Turning Waste into Economic Opportunities
Reincarnating Plastic
  1. Our process begins when plastic bottles are collected by the vast network of people in India's informal waste economy.

  2. The bottles are sorted by type in our dry waste collection facilities and prepared for treatment.

  3. They are then sent to our plastic treatment facilities where they are transformed into quality raw materials like flakes and granules.

  4. Our industry partners give the recycled plastic a new life in the form of clothes, bags, packaging and more.

Plastic isn’t disappearing in our lifetime. We’re constantly expanding our capabilities to catch up with a world that’s trying to do better.

Upscale by increasing supply of plastic waste and processing volumes for existing recycled material products.

Expand capabilities and capacity for value-added product categories by establishing new factories for food-grade applications and more.

Support India’s waste management supply chain by being a reliable buyer of local plastic and help large consumer brands discharge their extended producer responsibilities.

Organise India's informal sector by establishing a trusted aggregators franchise network to support local workers and assure traceable international standard feedstock.

Improve sustainability credentials in process, operations, and output to deepen our environmental impact.

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From Our Industry Partners

As a family business built from scratch, Dalmia was borne out of the recognition that there is value in local plastic waste by recycling it into high quality materials for reuse.

A focus on innovation and technology underpins
our ability to deliver consistent and reliable recycled materials for customers and places us ahead of the curve in developing food-grade applications in India.

Partner Industry person

Our vision for sustainability extends beyond preventing plastic from entering the environment and helping to solve the waste problem in India.

We take a holistic view to ensure we operate
sustainably from every angle, helping us meet a few of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Someone Else
no poverty.png

No Poverty

Collectors receive a fair & stable income for the plastic they collect

no poverty.png

No Poverty

Collectors receive a fair & stable income for the plastic they collect

no poverty.png

No Poverty

Collectors receive a fair & stable income for the plastic they collect

quality education.png

Quality Education

Zero tolerance policy on child labour, is commitment to keep children in school

gender equality.png

Gender Equality

Significant majority of the informal collector community is female earning equal pay as their male counterparts

decent work.png

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Increased incomes in collector communities cascades into GDP growth in consumer markets


Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Connecting collectors, transporters, aggregators & processors to create a circular recycling industry

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Reduced Inequalities

Low barriers to entry allow any adult in need to participate and paid equally despite gender


Sustainable Cities & Communities

Sustainable circular economies and make cleaner urban spaces

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Responsible Consumption & Production

Reducing the demand for virgin plastics is at the core of our work

climate action.png

Climate Action

Virgin plastics directly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, we want people to make the shift to renewables

ilife below water.png

Life Under Water

We want to stop ocean plastic and help recycle the waste streams emanating from beach clean ups.

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